If I'm in session mode and have more than 8 scenes in my set, launching a clip in the first three tracks will trigger random clips in the whole arrangement, not the clip that should be triggered.Problem is consistent over several projects, old ones that never caused problems as well as new ones, even when starting from a blank project.
Launchpad is in heavy use since about 4 years, first time this problem occurs.I plug directly in the USB port of my laptop, no hub. No other controllers connected. Tried both USB ports, no difference.Changing Live's midi preferences for input / output (track, remote) didn't help.I'm using the latest version of Live 9 Suite, latest Launchpad drivers.13 inch macbook pro, 2,9GHz, 8gb RAM, OS 10.9.4.Could that be a hardware issue?

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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