We are in the process of trying to specify a number of new workstations. We are looking at a decent jump in performance and as such are trying to really get to the bottom of what hardware ArchiCAD uses and when. We are trying to decipher if ArchiCAD 20 can make use of 2 physical cpu's, each with potentially 10 cores (or 20 cores including hyperthreading).
I understand AC will only use more than one thread(?) for "background processes" although I believe this includes opening/updating sections, elevations, 3D window, details and also panning/zooming/navigating 2D drawings and handling trace references.
This is where in the past we find ourselves waiting around hence the desire to address the CPU issue in our new generation of machines. We plan to run 128Gb of RAM, with the view that we see a noticeable difference in render time on existing machines with the most RAM in the office. My basic understanding of this is that ArchiCAD/Cinerender does some pre-processing which relies on RAM. Lastly, we are trying to decide on the benefits of either a Quadro M2000 or M4000. Looking at ArchiCAD bench mark testing there only seems to be a significant jump in performance when running 'large' (10 million polygon) projects. Our current largest projects are at about 5 million but work on the horizon could well hit the 10 million polygon mark. Just a slight grumble, I have only managed to find information from Graphisoft online that addresses how AC uses cores, multi-processing, hyper-threading etc written in 2012. Is there newer data/explanation for how AC utilises hardware since then that we can use to reliably select and configure new workstations?

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