Queste sono le raccomandazioni, ma penso che anche solo per vederlo valga la pena scaricarlo!

Winamp3 is a beta which may contain bugs, we recommend that you install Winamp3 in it's own folder rather than overwrite the Winamp 2.x installation that you currently have. If you have a previous version of Winamp 3 you should uninstall and do a fresh install of Beta 2.

The software has several, major known issues, which prevent certain features from being fully accessible by users. Functionality will increase as we start moving towards the final product
Who should download this beta:
Skin developers
Plug-in developers
Software developers

We recommend you install this for evaluation purposes, in order to have an understanding of what the future holds. This beta will not be perfect, but it will give you an idea of where we're going with the final release.

WinAmp 3 Beta 2