- Fixed bug with Options | Download | Completion | "Open the file using a
program" feature when file path contains spaces
- Fixed bug with scheduled Project deletion on completion
- Fixed drop box popup menu problem
- Fixed some bugs when adding several Projects simultaneously
- Fixed "0 Weeks ago" history bug
- Fixed Proxy rollback bug
- Fixed auto rename bug
- Fixed Hang up on exit bug
- Fixed uninstallation bug
- Fixed error when stop https downloads
- Added "Default types" button to the Options | Integration | File types section
- Added clipboard monitoring integration with Offline Explorer
- Added "Show Project properties" box to the "Mass Downloader add projects
preview" dialog (when adding several Projects simultaneously)
- Added "Get file information dialog" (Options | Integration | Browsers | Retrieve
file information from server)
- Added "Set antiviral scan" button to the Options | Download | Completion section
- Added Info View lines multiselection/copying ability
- Added Speed limit toggling on Speed toolbar button
- Added correct mouse wheel handling
- Added "Do not load automatically" box to the Project Properties dialog
(when using Download Queue)
- Added "Incomplete" filter
- Added Options | Download | Startup | Pause before the next Project starts
- Added "Increase" and "Decrease" toolbar buttons for Download Queue
/Download Priority features.
You can use View | Toolbar | Customization dialog for dropping them to the
- Improved proxy autodetect feature
- Improved files downloading
- Improved user interface
- Improved clipboard monitoring
- Improved file name extraction

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