CD-RunnerŪ 2003CD-Runner č un programma in grado di identificare e riprodurre automaticamente qualsiasi file multimediale.
Prevede inoltre il ripping audio, la possibilitā di convertire i files Wav in MP3 e l'accesso al freedb.

Queste le novitā della nuova release:

[size=0,80] New Car Stereo-style small faceplate option
Updated DVD Player, improved compatibility with DVDs and 3rd-party DVD decoders
New Step forward/backward buttons added to the DVD & media file (MPG, AVI, etc.) players
New 3D buttons throughout, now all buttons animated (move and light up when clicked)
New Media Library Date/Time format "YYYY MM/DD" allows for ascending/descending sorting (click header)
Improved Home Stereo faceplate graphical displays
Time & track timing tweaked for audio CD playback (faster response & updates)
Updated context-sensitive help information (press F1 when in any screen to see help for that screen / operation)

CD-RunnerŪ 2003 Shareware e Winall

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