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Discussione: DivX Pro 5.0.2

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    DivX Pro 5.0.2

     DivX Pro 5.0.2DivX è un pacchetto software che include il codec DivX, un player, delle utilities e la documentazione necessaria per la visione di un divx.

    • Le novità:
    • Includes DivX Player 2.0 Alpha 4
    • Added a "Smooth Playback" option
    • Added a "YUV Extended" mode option
    • Added an "Overlay Extended" mode
    • Added a "Double Buffering" option. Enabling this will force the
    • video card to allocate a second buffer for the video playback
    • Added a "Film Effect" option. This is a warming filter that when enabled will add film noise to the decoded picture
    • Added a hidden "Force Color Mode" control. You can manually set the registry key "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\DivXNetworks\Force Color Mode" in the Windows Registry and assign it a number from 1 to 7
    • The default psychovisual modeling settings are tweaked slightly
    • Optimized the decoder so that it more consistently plays back video, particularly on lower-end CPUs
    • Fixed a lot of memory leaks in the encoder. This should prevent the codec from slowing down gradually during a long encode

     DivX Pro 5.0.2 Pagina di riferimento

     DivX Pro 5.0.2 Download DivX Pro 5.0.2 3.2 Mb

     DivX Pro 5.0.2 Download DivX 5.0.2 3.0 Mb (Freeware)

     DivX Pro 5.0.2 Compatibile con Windows 95/98/Me/NT/XP/2000

     DivX Pro 5.0.2 Licenza Adware

     DivX Pro 5.0.2 Autore DivXNetworks, Inc

     DivX Pro 5.0.2 Data dell'aggiornamento 16/05/2002
    Ultima modifica di fabionapoli; 17-05-2002 alle 12.35.04


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