I now read this report, present on the Homepage, on Cybercrime.
Yes, I'm not really naive but the reading of the article as well as interesting seems to me worrying about the data reported (I leave the link at the end of the post).

Obviously each of us can take measures circumscribed to their private activities (I think of the classic anti-virus, in small measures while browsing or downloading and reading emails and all the good habits we use in relation to the "internet of things") , but a billions of euros that is triggered, fed and sustained by means of "computer intrusion" not only do not like it.
It worries me.
Not so much for what concerns our little things (small because infinitely irrelevant to the cosmos), but for what it exposes to the collectives.
Do you think there can be a way to defend yourself from Cybercrime or is it a fact to admit its existence as a part (sick, ugly) of the Internet Of Things that each of us is also part of?
The investigation: Cybercrime alarm - SWZone.it